White Rhino Box Squats!

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Bandbell Nation,

You have been working hard and training with the Bandbell Rhino Flex bar. It’s Time to move up to the White Rhino. There are those who believe that you can’t train heavy with kinetic bars, and then there are those who know that you should train heavy with kinetic bars. Which are you?

The White Rhino is designed for heavier use, and the bar whips you into shape ” literally whips you” so hold on tight and flex every muscle you have to take the wild ride. Unlike iron or other specialty bars the Rhino flexes and alleviates pressure on joints and the thicker bar rides the back much more comfortably. If you are a bigger lifter who knows the shoulder pain attached to the standard iron bar squat then your gonna love this bar.

We are pleased to Contribute and add some programming specific to Bandbell bars that you can apply and or incorporate into any training you are involved in. We hope you give some feedback so we can continue to improve programs and combinations that will be effective in your personal training goals. We believe the greatest research is conducted by the end user and so the Lab is Always open.

Here Is our first entry a quick example of Box Squats using 12″ and 15″ box with 550/690/730 lbs. this workout is indicative of a ME box squat day with a goal of driving off the box as fast as possible, slow descent, momentary glute relax, fire all motors and let the Rhino Fly with a touch of leg destruction added for effect! Notice the crazy whip. If you don’t have a strong core, you will very soon after using this bar. One more tool for the toolbox and we all know the bigger the toolbox the bigger the Squat!

This session in whole starts with a pre exhaust:

1) 100 reps leg extensions, 50×2 sets

2) 100 reps leg curls, 50x 2 sets

3) 100 reps calf raises or press on the sled continous set

4) two sets banded (blue) lightweight speed squat to prime the back/legs and core for the heavier box sets.

5) Complete 10 sets off Box-

a) sets 1-5 off the 12″ box 3-5 reps depending on how ya feel ????

b) sets 5-10 x singles working up to your max effort for that day.

Then go home, eat as much food as you can to feed the animal you just unleashed ????????????????

Stay tuned as we fill up the lab with some fun and effective kinetic training combining high and low kinetic training days that you will need to stock up on ice packs and larger clothes cause your gonna get Swole the Bandbell way, without pain!

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