Heavy High Kinetic Squat Day

 In Back, Core, Legs

Bandbell Nation,

I am a tad late to the party but still planning  2020 to be kick ass year. Doesn’t that just sound crazy, like were living in some space age. This new decade is gonna be insane.

Just look at the vast improvements during the last ten years and now multiply that by faster, stronger and more advanced tools coming our

I still remember the days when an 800lb squat was elite, now lifters are benching 1000lbs and the squat record has reached 1278lbs. That is just incredible now matter how you look at it.

Imagine what the next decade will bring? “Just awesome”.

So that being said where do you feel like your going to be over the next year or ten years with your fitness goals?

If you’re a young athlete you feel invincible and cant imagine losing your strength or size right? Ahhh! the good old days of blind stupidity and flowing hormones.

We have all been there , but then Father time doesn’t care about your EGO or your bicep size.

Father Time is slowly picking away at you with each rep and every pound added. So how do I keep Father Time off my back?

I train Smarter, I train harder with no pain and less trauma to my joints and it all happened the day I threw away Iron Bars for good.

I use Bandbell Kinetic Bars and High/Low Kinetic Training for all my training and I’m still kinda sexy right? OK maybe not but I am strong enough to beat a bunch of younger lifters at most gyms I visit. so that has to account for something.

This is not witchcraft or some kind of crazy gimmick. This movement is changing lives and making complete and well rounded athletes.

I don’t know about you but, I can feel the ground swell coming and its a powered by Bandbell High and Low kinetic bars.

Sooner or later every athlete comes to the realization they need to improve their overall stability, flexibility, strength and stay injury free as they continue to demand more and more from their bodies.

2020 is starting strong with Elite athletes from all different backgrounds taking notice and advantage of the great benefits to be had and its only a matter of time before you “ Commit” and begin your stability and strength training.

After 3 years of dedicated kinetic training and documenting every step of the way, it has become abundantly clear that when working with unstable loads from positions of disadvantage, it translates to greater overall performance and strength.

I know its hard to rewire a weightlifter brain, because I had to do it myself.

Once I allowed myself to accept the benefits of the training, I made leaps and bounds and I am turning 50 so I am no spring chicken ya know!

I’ll acknowledge it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but if the old dog is smart they will listen because the reward is great.

So this first Session of 2020 I hope you give it a try, load the weights according to your abilities or try them as listed here and see how you stack up? Maybe a good shaky bar ass kicking is in order for you to come to the realization your stabilizers need work.

##### DISCLAIMER ####

BE Careful and don’t try to EGO lift heavy with shaky bar shes kinda a bad girl but challenge yourself and use good safe precautions like spotters or cages, self spotting straps etc.


I highly recommend barefoot squatting with this setup as well to really feel the rooting and calves burning. I wear grippy socks which keep me planted and allow me to feel the floor, not because I’m some elderly fella like my partners keep calling me.

I un-rack and take small steps and then root my feet and push my knees out and feel my calves swell, abs and upper back engaged and locked, take big air and proceed to slowly descend. Enjoy the wobbly top as you try to stay in the groove its freaking awesome.

In other words if you do not slow down the movement enough to control the bouncing or swinging weight , the bar will shake hard and your gonna crash and burn in epic fashion.

“ Capisci ? Eh, Paisano”

Fug -et- bout it! Enough said lets Train!


Calf Presses 2x 50- Standing body weight or calf machine
Banded Rows Standing 2 x 25.

Load the E-Maxx or Earthquake Bar using 25 and 45 Pound Plates with Bands , and Strap – N – Hook easy loaders combined.
10 total sets including 4 KLT Primer Sets.


A) Sets 1
50lbs x 20 reps. ( Complete this set as slow as possible without a pause)

B) Set 2
100lbs x 15 reps.

C) Set 3
150lbs x 10 reps.

D) Set 4
200lbs x 10 reps

E) Set 5
280lbs x 3 reps ** See Video**

F) Set 6 ** See Video**
330x 1

G) Set 7

H) Set 8 ** See Video**

I) Set 9 ** See Video**
460 x 1 ( Bands and Strap-N-Hooks )

J) Set 10 ** See Video **
530 x 1
Add An additional variable for kinetics on Last Max Set. Here we added two 35lbs Water Jugs on Strap -N-Hook with 10- 45lb plates on mini bands.

So you just finished Shaky Squats and my hope is that you not only crushed the sets but felt the amazing pump and are now on a mission to become stronger and less prone to injury.

Let us know how you did, Tag @bandbell, #VikingCorps, # BandbellNation and show us your work.

Were all in this longevity game together so lets get shaky like a bunch of drunk Vikings waiting on Raganarok!

Go home, EAT, DRINK, REST, PLAN out your next session and be ready to Smash your goals!

Rock and Skal Fellow Meatheads!

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