Shorty Bar Exercises YOU NEED to try!

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BandBell Nation,

What a year so far?  Just kidding.  My word for 2020 is FUBAR!

If you are like the rest of us and you have done everything possible to keep your training going during this insanity, then you will be glad to know I am about to give you some exercises to help you prepare for the what seems like inevitable zombie apocalypse!

Home gyms, basements, backyards have been our places of solitude and churches of fitness for the last 7  months or so. I believe everything is a learning experience so here is what I have learned during this insanity.

I learned that with some ingenuity and grit, I can accomplish just about everything I needed to with minimal equipment. I also learned i really missed the gym and the people.

While were all doing our best to maintain some level of normalcy in a world gone insane it is important not to forget the reason you lift and train. Its who you are, it makes you whole.  Plus you wanna be strong when the nut jobs flood the streets looking for toilet paper. You aint gonna get mine fool cause I do my shaky work.

Meanwhile goals are still pending; PR’s are waiting, and your mental sanity needs you to push the limits, right?

So this month’s Blog is a testament to you, the lifter who knows enough to expand their tool box with some awesome kinetic tools and make the most out of the worst scenarios.

This month I want to spend a little time talking about the often mentioned but under appreciated Shorty Bar. This little devil is a creation of ingenuity and kinetic technology that gives the user a great way to unilaterally attack weak points and challenge you mentally.

The bar is short and its properties when hanging weights makes you question yourself.  Am I as strong as I thought I was?  How does 50lbs feel this freaking heavy?

This tool is a must have for any athlete. Try these simple yet challenging shorty bar exercises. As always, we want to hear from you so show us how the workout felt. Post/Tag @bandbell #bandbellnation and submit your training for entries into future Lab Programming on the Bandbell web page. Be a voice in Bandbell Nation. Share your findings and lets all get huge and healthy for 2021.  So that being said check out these exercises and some routines to work from.

 Shorty bar exercises to ward off the zombie attack of 2020/2021!

Warmups are very important so get your stretches and bendy stuff done then start working your abs.

do some standing banded or cabled face pulls, or  pulldowns or Chins to activate the upper body.

Measure out a 100 foot walking path, one way down switching arms for the warm up runs. Then work sets try to make the up and down run for 200 feet each arm.


Sets/Runs 1-5

  • 20lbs x 100 feet down switch arms and 100 feet back.
  • 40lbs x 100 feet down switch arms and 100 feet back
  • 50lbs x 100 feet down switch arms and 100 feet back
  • 50lbs x 100 feet down switch arms and 100 feet back
  • 50lbs x 100 feet down and 100 feet back same arm.


Sets 6-8  MAX sets for time and distance. This is so much fun if you get some friends and compete amongst each other for time and distance.  No switching arms now, just pray for the shaky GODS to give you the strength to make it back in one piece.

  • 60lbs overhead 100 feet and 100 feet back
  • 80lbs overhead 100 feet and 100 feet back
  • 100lbs overhead 100 feet and 100 feet back ( video)

Go for it and see how far you can go !

After this workout your core, shoulders and arms should feel like wobbly pops on a shaky stick. If not, you are a zombie smashing beast and need to add some weight and do a few more runs. then when your feeling squirrely and want to pump the bigfoot hair out your delts,  give this next one a go.


Shorty Exercise  # 2  Seated Shoulder Press using Off Set Weight.

  • Shorty Bar (40lbs) and 50lb DB. 5 Reps then switch sides.
  • Shorty Bar (60Lbs) and 80lb DB. 5 Reps then Switch sides.
  • Shorty Bar ( 80lbs) and (85lb DB). 5 Reps then switch sides. ( Video)
  • Shorty Bar ( 80lbs) and (80lb DB) 10 Reps left side
  • Shorty Bar ( 80lbs) and (80lbd DB) 10 reps Right Side.


This next one should come with a warning ”  Beware you will get a pump so monstrous your shirts wont fit so bring a sheet with you to the gym” .



Shorty Exercise # 3  Incline Presses with Shorty Bar and DB.

  • Shorty Bar (40lbs) and (40lbs DB) 10 reps each arm
  • Shorty Bar ( 60lbs) and (60lbs DB)  10 reps each arm
  • Shorty Bar ( 80lbs) and ( 80lbs DB)  5 reps each arm
  • Shorty Bar ( 100lbs) and ( 100lb DB) 5 reps each arm ( Video )


So your saying that wasn’t so bad, bring it on!  Ok how about you stop staring at your Sci-fi  computer watch and lather up some bengay like us old timers and get ready to bulge like a horny Viking in a yoga class!


Shorty Exercise # 4 Standing Overhead one arm press -10 reps each arm.

  • Shorty bar with 40lbs
  • Shorty bar with 60lbs
  • Shorty bar with 80lbs ( Video )
  • Shorty bar with 100lbs
  • Shorty bar with 80lbs
  • Shorty bar with 60lbs


They’re ya have it my 4 favorite Shorty bar Exercises. Get SUM!  show us what ya got, join the Team, The Kinetic train is rolling and your either on board and getting huge and sexy or your standing on the platform wishing you were strong. Stop wishing already and just climb aboard.

Next Month were gonna check out the most flexa-liscious kinetic sexiness Bandbell ever created and show you some of our favorite earthquake series bars and how to get YUUGE with one them in your tool box.


Rock on and Skal !





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