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Kinetic Combo Package

Get it all – the Earthquake Bar, Strap-N-Hooks, Anchor Loaders and Minibands.

Only $420! Save more than buying separately. Limited time offer!

EarthQuake Bar

The original Bamboo Bar® barbell re-designed for an all purpose approach!

This bar offers total versatility. Rehab, Strength, Function, Recovery.

E-Maxx Bar

Part of the Earthquake Series – this bar is even more powerful!

Greater overall length (86.5″ vs 80″) for more band loading capacity
allows for heavier lifts and maximum kinetic energy.
Maximum weight limit: 300-lbs.

The Original

Bamboo Bar

The iconic Bar that started it all!

Rehab, Safety, Balance and Power

The BreakDown Bar

The first portable weightlifting Bar in history!

A complete kinetic training system for on-the-go athletes.
Personal Trainers, Professional Athletes and Military Personnel deployed
around the world – this Bar is FOR YOU!

It’s new, it’s short – The Shorty Bar!

The most iconic lift in the world of Strongman training and competition just got a much needed boost! 

The One-Arm Dumbell Press, a favorite among great strongmen of the past like Doug Hepburn and Paul Anderson, is a full-body workout involving shoulders, triceps, upper-back, hips and core stabilizers…

StrongMaxx Bar

For the sport of Strongman training and competition, we created a monster!

This behemoth, aka the Pulverizer, finally gives the sport its first truly kinetic event. Made to challenge the biggest and the best. Weight capacity? Unlimited!

Get More with
Kinetic Add-Ons

BandBell Bands™

The highest quality, best looking Mini Bands on the market.
Our 41″ bands will always standout in the crowd, they’re covered with BandBell logos and look exceptionally sharp!

Anchor LoaderTM

The Anchor LoaderTM is a convenient loading system that puts out plenty of kinetic energy,

but is geared toward athletes wanting more bar control during the exercise. Kinetic yet controllable, with a 100-lb. load capacity, the Anchor LoaderTM is the perfect balance between weight and movement. Solid steel construction, manufactured at Fortin Ironworks, means it lasts forever. Works well with both the new Strap-n-HookTM connector or conventional latex bands.


The new Strap-n-HookTM connector is designed to bridge the gap

between the high-kinetic output of latex bands and low-kinetic setups that allow for better bar control at any weight. Gone is the need to add or change bands in the middle of a workout! Strong, durable and designed to work perfect with either the Cardillo LoaderTM or the new Anchor LoaderTM, it’s custom made to fit all BandBell bars available today.


When you absolutely, positively need the bands to stay on your BandBell bar,

the BandLockTM will never let you down. Perfect for functional training, group sessions and fast/explosive kinetic exercises, the BandLocksTM secure the bands to your Earthquake or EMaxx bar 100%!