E-Maxx Bench Press and Shorty Bar Inclines!

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You’ve seen the shaky bar and asked yourself what does that thing do? Or maybe you tried it but weren’t quite sure how to use it?

There is a ton of Information on the Bandbell webpage to explain the scientific reasons why kinetic training is so important. I will leave the science to the experts , but I will however show you some fun and challenging kinetic workouts using Bandbell bars. If your training has been status quo and you find your not challenged then give this chest session a try and remind yourself just how friggin majestic and temperamental are bodies are.

The first step is to walk over to the flat bench and take that iron bar off the bench and
take a Bandbell earthquake bar or the much preferred and sexier E-Maxx bar and lay her across the uprights. Now grab a handful of resistance bands and proceed to mentally prepare yourself for the shaky pump tastic workout your about to commence.

This session is only 13 total work sets with a high degree of difficulty so adjust weights based on your skill and strength level. Weights listed here comprised sets designed to end at 400lbs. If your slamming the bar into your body and jerking thru the motion your not gonna benefit from the intended purpose of the bar so go slow and maintain as much tension and control as you can with your adjusted weights.

You can use varied length bands from 12″ -24″ and progressively increase the load through the 10 sets of flat presses , ending with heaviest sets and varied loads, i.e. Plates, kettle bells, chains etc. so let’s get are shaky on! Word of caution, the loading of the weight has a high degree of variation, longer bands equate to greater move,net and instability, loads of different types and placement on the bar channels will also vary the degree of instability. ( refer to Bandbell loading techniques on this page or Bandbell YouTube page for greater detail ).

Here we go!

A) Flat bench with E-Maxx bar, Sets 1-5 By the end of this series you should be pumped with blood. Slow controlled movements or otherwise you will be shaken silly. Can’t say this enough, the idea behind controlling the heavier loads is to maintain control. As you get stronger you will see noticeable changes in how much the bar shakes and at what point during the movement which is also a live kinetic guide for you to use to target weak points in the movement.

Set 1) load 50 pounds X 15 reps
Set 2) load 100 pounds X15 reps
Set 3) load 150 pounds X 10 reps
Set 4) load 200 pounds X 10 reps
Set 5) load 200 pounds plus 80lbs chains X 10 reps.

B) Sets 6 – 10.

Set 6) load 250 pounds plus 80 chains -330lbs X 5 reps
Set 7) load 300 pounds plus 80 chains – 380lbs X 5 reps
Set 8) load 250 pounds plus 130 chains – 380lbs X 5 reps
Set 9) load 250 pounds plus 130 chains – 380lbs X 5 reps
Set 10) load 250 pounds plus 150 chains on bar. 400 pounds X 5 reps

C) Incline dumbbell and shorty bar presses an fly variations

Set 1) 100 pound dumbbell vs 60 pound shorty bar fly, alternate 5/5 reps
Set 2) 100 pound dumbbell static hold/press, shorty bar flys with 60 pounds. 5/5 reps
Set 3) 120 pound dumbbell vs 100 pound shorty bar press. 5/5

Go home and eat like a warrior from the battlefield starved and hungry, then grow in your sleep and repeat!

Getting built the Bandbell way, pain free!

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