Kinetic Shoulder Training Variations

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BandBell Nation,

The Holiday Season is upon us as we just celebrated our beloved Veterans and the unfathomable sacrifices they made on behalf of our freedom on Nov 11.

Now the clock is ticking as we ready for the feasts and pies. If you’re like me, this is the time of year I start dreaming about the heaps of pie and gobs of turkey. If that doesn’t make you smile, then working out won’t help ya cause you’re kinda dead inside already.

This month’s Blog is an affirmation of all things great in life. If you can’t enjoy the holidays because you’re too worried about going off diet or gaining a few fluffy pounds, then I kindly ask you to reflect for a moment by first looking up at the sky, then back down to the ground. You see that dirt there? That’s gonna be your permanent residence someday, so enjoy being vertical and above ground for a while already.  Pushing up daisies ain’t no fun.

Being in great physical shape, feeling strong and looking the way you want is awesome and you should enjoy every hard earned muscle and vein, but not at the expense of your health or the time you need to enjoy being alive and living life.  Too many young athletes die in pursuit of the perceived look of fitness. It’s a fact that less body fat and good circulatory health are signs of overall fitness, but with that being said, so many young wanna-be’s pursue the unhealthy extremes. You can absolutely obtain fitness, strength and a healthy muscular body without forsaking the gifts from Mother Earth in exchange for the vanity that will surely fade.

We all age, even Mike O’Hearn will age someday!

Well, maybe not Mike, but the rest of us will surely age. I think he is the missing link and proof that Aliens put something in our DNA. The History Channel show, Ancient Aliens, needs to do an episode on Mike –  he’s the proof they’re looking for.

Mike, I have great respect for you, but if you don’t start getting kinetic and showing us some massive squats or bench presses using shaky weight, I’ll have to bust out a massive diet, get super-shredded, fix my ugly mug, quit drinking, shave my beard and pray to the GODS of Handsome for a Mike O’Hearn make over.

Then I’ll just do the videos myself as your Doppleganger! Don’t make me do it!!!

Clearly there’s little chance of that happening, but if you see this, please do this old guy a solid will ya?  C’mon dude, if anyone is gonna crush a plus-600lb. squat on a shaky bar, it’s your own Extra Terrestrial Self.

Better yet, the next time you’re in New England, we’d like to invite you to a Viking Corps Kinetic training day workout. That’s right – take a rock on the wild side in bean town.

Ok whew! Back to the real reason for this post –  The Workout.

So after you stuff your face with roasted bird and tons of delicious eats, I want you to grab your E-Maxx, Earthquake, RhinoFlex Bar, or any bar you have that you can make a kinetic hayride out of, and give this shaky shoulder workout a try.

The video attached is a collage of various sets and setups to give you ideas about how you can use the bars in conjunction with other movements such as dumbells, log presses, etc.  Our shoulder sessions include all variations of laterals and cables and other shoulder saving movements, but this post is all about military and/or behind the neck pressing and really any type of over head movement. The best thing about the kinetic bars from BandBell is that while they’re protecting your joints, they’re also hyper-activating big boys, the primary muscle bellies, and giving you a sick pump. Who doesn’t want a sick, ridiculous pump??

Lets Git Er DUN already,


15 Minutes on either the Treadmill or Elliptical
100 Standing Rope AB Crunches
2 Sets 25 Triceps rope extensions
2 Sets Cable Side Delts
2 Sets Cable Front Delt

E-MAXX BAR Presses,Rhino Bar Presses, DB Press and Log Press.
Using the Kinetic Loading Theory .

Sets 1-3
Bar plus 50-lbs. on red bands x 15 reps

Set 4
Bar plus 100-lbs. on red bands x 15 reps

Set # 5-9
Log Press 3 x 3 (140, 160,180) 1 x 5 (270) **** ( Video)

Set # 10
Standing DB Press. ( 100 x 10-20reps)**** ( Video)

Extra Credit Set! ****
( Video )
Drop Set. 20 reps
270-lbs. with Chains x 8
210-lbs. x 7
160-lbs. x 5

When you’re done building your bullet proof shoulders, you need to follow the next steps and make sure you don’t skip any of the required steps.

1)  Go home knowing you crushed your workout and tell your self that you’re gonna beat that workout the next time you walk in the gym.

2) Kiss your dog, your kids, your loved one’s and then proceed to # 3.

3) EAT everything you can till your muscles swell and you go into a food coma.

4) Pour a large drink, (I prefer the kind that makes me wobbly) but you can also use water, juice or a protein shake – whatever makes you happy.

5) **** Most important thing EVER!!!!
Plan your next training day and tell yourself that your goal is within reach and you’re gonna smash it!  Believe in yourself and you will accomplish your goal. Then go rest, sleep well, dream big and wake up with a raging desire to CRUSH the day.

Rock on and Skal Fellow Meatheads!

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