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Marcus Perry-IFBBPRO-2 tine Olympian

As an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and 2x Olympian, I was able to make it here in seven-years using the BandBell Earthquake Bar and RhinoFlex bars…almost exclusively! Kinetic training offers a wide range of training options and benefits: strong stabilizers, low risk of injury and increased muscular activation at both light and heavy weights. The pumps are insane and the growth just follows.

—Marcus Perry IFBB PRO 2x Olympian


Training with the Bandbell Earthquake Bar pays off big-time. Say goodbye to joint pain and say hello to intense muscular contraction that gives you off-the-chart pumps. We run full throttle and push it to the limit – all with no worry. As an IFBB Pro, I’ll stay with what got me here.

—Storm Perry IFBB PRO

Image of Storm Perry holding Bandbell Bars

What Is a BandBell Bar?
The Miracle of Oscillating Kinetic Energy!

Learn how BandBell helps you achieve your goals.

What Can OKE Do for You?

  • Oscillation

    Perfect balance achieved through activation of all muscle groups

  • The Nervous System

    OKE from the BandBell Bar increases - Bio Motor Control – Neuromuscular Innervation – Reflexes

  • Maximize Recovery

    OKE increases blood flow to muscles and joints to maximize healing & growth – perfect for rehab/prehab/physical therapy

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