Heavy E-Maxx Bar Shoulder Presses.

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Bandbell Nation,

It’s shoulder day, and you are tired of not seeing your shirts filled out with wide massive round Delts. Don’t get angry just get shaky!

By that we mean grab a Bandbell E-Maxx bar, or her older sister The Earthquake bar, and proceed to press your shoulders and triceps into oblivion. The high kinetic training program listed here is without a doubt going to force so much blood into your upper body you will be asking yourself why you’re just now finding out about this?

This video shows various size weights used to illustrate the changes in kinetic motion based on how you load the bar. Refer to the Bandbell YouTube page for instructions on how to safely load and unload the bar then come back to this video/blog.

This session is a high kinetic session. Soon we will be posting combined high and low kinetic training, which is out right blood pumping insanity, but lets start out with some simple movements.

As always adjust weights according to your personal needs, goals, and strength. Don’t blame us when you get stronger faster than expected!

Shoulder Day the Viking Corps Way!

1) 100 Ab crunches /rope or machine.

2) DB or Cable side laterals x 4 Sets (8-12) reps

3) DB or Cable front Raises x 2 Sets ( 8-12) reps

Behind Neck or Military Press (try to rotate between the two) only 9 Sets.

4) Sets 1-5 E-Maxx Bar Seated Presses, using only 25 Pound plates and 12″ Red Mini Bands. Listed weights include bar weight.

A) 60lbs x 15 reps
B) 110lbs x 15 reps
C) 160 lbs x 12 reps
D) 210lbs x 10 reps
E) 210lbs x 15-20 AMRAP ( shown in video x 19)

5) Sets 6-9 E-Maxx bar Seated Presses using 45lb Plates and Mixed Sets

F) 190lbs x 5 reps
G) 240lbs x 5 reps
H) 240 x 5 reps
I) 280lbs x ???

You have finished the workout, now go home already! Too much time in the gym does no one any good.

When you get home try some light stretching, and reflect on how much the variations and weights change the dynamic of the exercise. Take a moment to observe the massive pump you currently have while standing in front of a mirror and post on social media for all to see. 🙂 Now go home, eat like a drunk at 2am before getting kicked out of the local breakfast joint and fuel your growing muscles for the next punishing session to come.

Stay tuned, stay hungry, and grow the Bandbell way, without pain!

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