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Have you done your SQWALKS yet?

This is one of those workouts where you say Why? The whole time, but then when your done it becomes abundantly clear. Your legs are swollen and filled with blood, your lungs are burning and your abs feel like you did a thousand crunches. For extreme calf pump go barefoot!

The Bandbell Emaxx Bar is a tool for all trades and no matter what your fitness level or abilities this bar is the key to unlock the benefits of high kinetic stability training.

As someone who has spent over 35 years doing squats or all kinds, ATG, Narrow, Wide stance, Box Squats, Front Squats, Hack Squats etc.

I am gonna tell you SQWALKS are in a league of they’re own. I routinely Squat with heavy weight ( heavy for me ) and yet I was hard pressed to finish sets with only 210 pounds.

I see lifters grinding day after day struggling to improve their squats or leg size and they fall for the trainer or online coach bullshit that they don’t have good genetics or you wont grow big legs without endless sets of leg presses or smith machine squats or leg extensions etc.

To build strong big legs there is no EASY WAY. Its heavy breathing, stabilizing, and being willing to go to that place many just don’t have and stand back up asking yourself how the hell did I do that?

So before I give ya this awesome leg session, Let me dispel a few myths for ya right now!

1) Squats are bad for your knees.
BULLSHIT, a well executed squat is the best thing you can do for your body.

2) You don’t need Squats to build big legs.
BULLSHIT, you can tell right away which lifters squat vs those who don’t and its not just the legs that give it away. Good squatters are usually denser and more muscular and more powerful overall.

3) Stability training is just for cross fit or sports athletes.
BULLSHIT. Stability training helps all lifters and creates a well balanced physique.

4) Kinetic Bars don’t translate strength to regular iron bars.
BULLSHIT. If you can lift 500 pounds that is unstable then imagine how much stronger you are on a linear movement.

5) Bandbell Bars are only for Rehab or light training warmups!
BULLSHIT. While they are incredible tools for rehabbing injuries and awesome for warmups these bars are tools that not only help you achieve greater strength but also increased muscle activation. On a personal note these bars have given me the ability to do things I thought I would never be able to do again. These bars activate the central nervous system in a way that can not be replicated using standard gym equipment. I know because I have suffered with a neurological condition for the last 15 years and at one point almost stopped lifting weights all together because of pain and injuries. Now in just two short years since switching to Kinetic Bars , I am lifting heavier then most people half my age. Yup I said that, check out some of my videos and see for yourself.

If you made it this far then you deserve to get this awesome workout for the killer price of nothing. How often do you find stuff for free these days? Well welcome to the Bandbell Advanced Training Lab.

Free Workouts, Free Comedy, and of course videos of young fellas trying to kill this old man. So lets get it done.

Start by grabbing either an Emaxx bar or Earthquake bar and some 12-24″ resistance bands. Use your choice of kettle bells, free weights, chains or whatever the hell you can strap to the bar. Preferably we use 25 pound plates to make each increment a measured 50lbs. But you do you! Rock On!

KLT Session using SQWALKS .

1) Warmup
Leg Extension 2 Sets X 25 reps
Leg Curl 2 Sets X 15 Reps
Calf Press 1 Set x 100 Reps


Set 1) 60 pounds -10 reps , 25 ft, 10 reps, 25 ft 10 reps . ( 30 Reps )
Set 2) 160 pounds-. 5 Reps, 25 ft, 5 reps ,25 ft, 5 Reps, 25 ft. ( 15 Reps)
Set 3) 160 pounds- 10 reps , 50 ft, 10 reps, 50 ft. ( 20 Reps)
Set 4) 160 pounds- 10 reps, 50 ft , 10 reps , 50 ft. ( 20 Reps)
Set 5) 160 pounds- 5 reps , 25 ft, 5 reps, 25 ft, 5 reps, 25 ft, 5 reps , 25 ft. ( 20 Reps)
Set 6) 210 pounds – 10 reps, 50 ft , 10 reps, 50 ft. ( 20 Reps)
Set 7) 210 pounds- 5 reps, 25ft, 5reps , 25 ft, 5 reps , 25ft, 5 reps. ( 20 Reps)
Set 8) 210 pounds- 10 reps, 50ft, 10 reps, 50ft. ( 20 reps)

Finish the sets, pack your bag and waddle out to the truck. Sit in the truck and ask yourself why the hell do my legs feel like jelly it was only a cpl hundred pounds?

this next part of the workout is the MOST IMPORTANT. GO home, EAT everything you see and then rest and grow like a weed.

until next time this is Bonan saying Rock on and Skal fellow meatheads!

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