E-Maxx Recovery Squats!

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Bandbell Nation,

When you think about taking leg day off, take a moment and look in the mirror. Then proceed to five finger death punch yourself in the ball sack cause you NEVER SKIP LEG DAY !

No excuses, Oh hell NO! NEVER EVER SKIP LEG DAY…….!

You can flush the legs with blood and get an insane pump without having to use a bunch of weight and best of all, you get crazy core work at the same time.

We have all been there, it’s a scheduled squat day and your so tired or sore you try to convince yourself that extensions or leg presses will do the trick or worse you call your partner/s and bang out of a training day. Don’t be that guy/girl.

So instead of wussing out, learn to be intuitive and take advantage of the awesome tools Bandbell offers. This session is a super shaky, super light E-Maxx Squat day that will swell you up like a naked Viking drunk on a gallon of mead.

Big quads, hamstrings don’t grow on machines, and big squats don’t magically appear without strong core, strong stabilizers and a whole lot of friggin heart!

You gotta sit your ass down and stand your ass up the way your body was designed to do cause “aint nobody got time for skinny legs”.

So wipe off your girly tears and man panties and go to the gym cause its freaking leg day and if your just to smoked from being awesome all week then work on your hypertrophy and stability with some sick pauses and variable positions and tempo on the shaky goddess I call “ Ella” The E-Maxx.

Rock on and Skal Fellow Meatheads and let us know how you like these advanced kinetic workouts.


Seated extensions 3 x 20
Calf Presses 2x 50
Seated or lying Curls 3 x 20.
Kettlebell Swings 2 x 15

Load the E-Maxx or Earthquake Bar using small increments. We uses 25lb plates for 50 pound jumps.

1) Sets 1-3
50lbs x 20 reps using a wide stance

2) Set 4
100lbs x 20 reps using wide stance.

3) Set 5-6
150lbs x 2 wide stance pause, 2 explosive, 2 shoulder width pause, 2 explosive, 5 Narrow stance pump reps, finish with 10 count tempo squat. ( video)

4) Set 7-8
200lbs x 20 second deep pause, 10 second mid range pause to deep pause to mid range pause. ( video )

5) Sets 9-10
Complete pump sets till your satisfied with the insane leg pump.

Once your legs are swollen and your glutes are on fire you need to hydrate and eat ASAP to allow the body to do what it does. GROW GROW GROW!

Till Next month, Get to the GYM!
Train insane
Be different, be exceptional
Don’t be a bitch
Don’t be a dick
Do it, do it now!


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