Low Kinetic Back -Leg Mass Building Session!

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Bandbell Nation,

There are so many great programs and methods available today to help you reach your goals, and if you do your homework you will find one to suit your needs.

Our kinetic workouts are free for you to try and experiment on your own. The only requirements are you give it all you have and of course you will need to have access to these amazing bars.

In this modern world of instant gratification the absence of commitment and heart is the single most common trait of those who fail. <strong>To succeed at anything you must “COMMIT” !</strong> You must be willing to leave it all on the floor!

Do not be afraid to try new thing, just commit yourself to putting in 110% every time. So many young lifters today seek the magic pill or magic program and jump from one thing to another so often they never seem to find the groove. Don’t let impatient insecurity be the reason you don’t achieve your goal. Take your time, learn the methods and techniques required to adapt to any new process and watch the results appear.

Lets face the truth, every athlete from all walks of life will hit the proverbial wall from time to time. It’s what you do when you hit that wall that counts. Do you stagnate endlessly or drive your fist thru the wall and come out bigger on the other side?

<strong>“ Training is the Stimulus, Food is Fuel, Rest is the Reward. ”</strong>

Enough banter, lets get to work!


Step # 1- Grab a White Rhino Flex Bar or Rhino HD Bar.
Step# 2 – Come back to the LAB and start getting your kinetic fix and watch everyone around you notice your increased performance and just smile and wave!
Step# 3 – Mentally prepare yourself for only 13 total sets.
Step# 4 – Adjust weights listed to conform to your goals.
Step# 5 – *** Very Important *** No matter if its 135lbs or 600 lbs treat each set the same, same setup, same mental prep, same effort!
Step # 6- Stop being a whiny little **** and just do it!

<strong>Low Kinetic Back/Leg Day.</strong>

1) Warmup using the elliptical or treadmill 15 min fast paced.
2) Ab crunches and rotational stretches- 100 reps


A) <strong>Dead lifts</strong>
Alternate deficits, speed, chains and or bands or rack pulls each week.
This session was speed work during Sets 1-4.

Set 1- 2 plates x 5
Set 2 -3 plates x 5
Set 3 -4 plates x 5
Set 4 -5 plates x 5
Set 5 -5 plates/ 25lb plate x 8 ( Shown in the video )
Set 6 -6 plates / 25lb plate x 1

B)<strong> Front Squats / Squeeze Squats</strong>

Set 1 – 2 plates x 5
Set 2 – 2 plates x 5
Set 3 – 2 plates x 5
Set 4 – 3 plates x 5
Set 5 – 3 plates /25 x 10 ( Shown in video)
Set 6 – 3 Plates x 15 ( Shown in video)
Set 7 – 3 Plates -Squeeze Squats ( Shown in video)

Last set is a Squeeze set shown in the video to finish the program and fill the legs with blood. Goal is to Squeeze the legs as hard as possible during both the concentric and eccentric portion of the movement.

C) <strong>When you’ve finished go home and raid your food cabinets! </strong>Feast until your legs and back swell up, hydrate with your fluid of choice and rest. Dream about steak and squats and beer and get excited about the next session.
<strong> Staying hungry is a lifetime Commitment!</strong>

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