400lb E-Maxx Bar Front Squats

 In Back, Core, Legs

Unconventional Training or Natural Training ?
One only needs to look thru history and observe the incredible feats of strength that men like Bob Hoffman, Doug Hepburn, Paul Anderson or the French Canadian Super Man Louis Cyr. These men were pioneers in strength and the feats they did are still amazing by today’s standards.

These men had incredible mass and strength on average sized frames. How did they do that? The proliferation of drugs had not yet happened and the equipment these men had access to was bare bones or non traditional. Louis Cyr held horses back from ripping him apart, what kind of strength does that take?

In fact many of the greatest early strong men did things like back lifts, or used people or stones or day to day objects to lift for challenges in the course of doing these feats they were inadvertently doing stability training.

One could argue that because they were moving heavy objects in unconventional or more natural manner as a means of training that they were developing stabilizers from the onset, creating a strength base greater than that of traditional linear movements.

In the early days of strength no one asked why or what? They just picked it up and did what felt natural. It could be argued that over time we have made natural movements too complicated with our science and rules.

Naturally we know how to move, why do we falter when we add weight? If I ask you to squat down and pick up the laundry you will do what is naturally strong for you. If I ask you to push away an aggressor you will move the earth with your press.

We go stupid once were asked to do something on a bar, dumbbell or machine. I am challenging you to try kinetic based training and feel the way your body responds to the non linear movements.

Give this High Kinetic Front Squat workout a try and let us know how it felt. Adjust weights and loads to your abilities but try to use varied loads. Be adventurous and challenge yourself.

This session utilized the Kinetic Loading Theory. This workout will require either a Bandbell E-Maxx Bar or Earthquake Bar, Some resistance bands and various weights to load.
<strong>Time to get Shaky!</strong>

Warm-up with 30 Minutes on a standard elliptical or treadmill or outside walk or jog.

Stretch calf and hamstrings.

Do bar only, wide stance deep squat stretches.


<strong>Front Squats with The E-Maxx Bar!</strong>
Set 1) 50 pd chain x 10

Set 2) 125 pd chain x 10

Set 3) 125 pd chains plus 50 pounds Kettle Bells (175) x 10

Set 4 ) 125 pd chains plus 100 pounds Kettle Bells ( 225lbs) x 10

Set 5) 125pd chain plus 125 pounds Kettle Bells ( 250lbs) x 10

Set 6) 125pd chain plus 125 pounds Kettle Bells ( 250lbs) x 5                  ** Video ***

Set 7) 125pd chain plus 175 pounds Kettle Bells ( 300lbs) x 5                 ** Video***

Set 8) 125pd chains plus 175 pounds Kettle Bells and 100 lbs plates (400lbs) x5    ** Video***
That is it, fast and easy right?

When you Front Squat with the Shaky Bar you actually train the back, core and legs like never before. I enjoy seeing first timers try to lift heavy with this bar only to be greatly humbled and sore as hell the next day. Then the realization sets in that this is something to add to the toolbox.

The trick is to stabilize heavier weights and squat slow enough to contract hard while maintaining an upright position with kinetic movement. When you figure out the rhythm and mechanics to perfect your movement you immediately feel the difference. Instant blood filling pumps and a noticeable muscle contraction that increases the effectiveness of every lift.

So give this try and get on board the Band Bell Train cause this Beast is rolling and anyone who is willing to jump is gonna get bigger and stronger without damaging the joints.

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