Total Body Banded Kinetic Devastation

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Bandbell Nation,

We have all been there. Your training hard and then you hit a wall. When you find a breakdown in your training or you plateau what do you do?

Thru much trial and error and some interesting failures the following week of training with bandbell bars has proven to provide some effective overload training to increase speed or bust thru weak points.

The great thing about kinetic training bars is they force you to become more technically sound during movements, which equates to better form and function when transferred to linear training. Add a one week banded weak point training in every other training cycle and check out the results.

Naysayer will make excuses or try to say that kinetic training is not for power lifters or bodybuilders. The truth is most gym bros are just afraid to look weak. Imagine that big hulking dude who presses like a bazillion pounds suddenly reduced to pressing 150lbs on a shaky bar. His ridiculous ego cant handle the blow so he avoids any thing that he is not comfortable with. Don’t be that guy!

Be an athlete, be adventurous, be smart and see the big picture. In short order you will see noticeable gains in strength and flexibility and core strength and sooner then later you will be pressing a bazillion pounds too! Well maybe not, but you get the idea! So let stake a look at some variable resistance movements you can add to your training tool box.

The following combined sessions are designed to be used during a single week of banded overloads and pauses on the three main lifts to focus on the weak areas of the Squat/ Dead-lift and Bench. Your going to need a White Rhino or Rhino HD bar and some resistance bands of varied strength.


10 Sets Banded Dead Lifts, bands are increased and the bar weight is increased while trying to maintain the effective speed and form as the first set. Pauses are added to remind you that they wicked suck!

A) Warmups consisted of leg curls/ Pull downs. Warm downs on Glute /Ham Curl.

1) Sets 1-3 X 5 Reps
225lbs bar weight – Pull thru Blue Bands ( 60-80) Set Bands at the beginning of the pull.

2) Sets 4-7 X 3 Reps
315lbs bar weight – Pull thru Blue Bands/ Then Green Bands (120-180)

3) Set 8 X 3 Reps Paused at first band for 3 count, then thru second band.
315lbs with Blue and Green Bands (120 -180)

4) Set 9 X 5 Reps. Slight pause at first Band.
405lbs with Blue and Green Bands ( 120-180)

5) Set 10 X 10 Reps with Slight pause at first band. Bands lowered on the cage to Max tension.
405lbs on bar with Blue and Green Bands Maxed out. ( 150-200)


Pin squats alone are a sick torture device but lets get real for moment. If your goal is to push max effort out of the hole then why not add some resistance to signal the body to drive the feet thru the floor right? A Signal, or a call for help you decide.

10 Sets off varied height settings in the cage using the White Rhino Bar and Blue and Green Resistance Bands set at various evil heights.

Set the pins to to the lowest ATG point you can safely drive out of the hole with and band up so your fighting for your life to get the weight up and get squatting.

1) Sets 1-3 Low Pins one band.
225lbs Bar Weight ( 60-80) Band weight from ATG setting X 3 Reps

2) Sets 4-7 Pins set just below Seat height
315lbs Bar Weight and both Bands ( 120-180) X 3 reps

3) Sets 8-10 Pins set at Seat height.
405lbs Bar Weight and Both Bands with Max tensions on Set 10. ( 120-200) x 3 Reps

DAY 3- Bench Day

Everyone loves bench day. Well if you want to really test your push then add some taught bands to the lift and get pressing. The greatest tensions should be set to the middle portion of the lift where most presses fail. Pull the bands thru the bench till you can barely attache to the bar. We used 80-200lbs added band tension for this session and it was brutal. The White Rhino Bar is the perfect match for banded presses with her flexion and fatter grip. 5 Sets of Flat Presses and 5 Sets of Inclines. Total annihilation via banded hell.

1) Sets 1-4 Flat Bench with Blue Bands.
225lbs + 80 Pounds Bands X 4

2) Set 5 – Flat bench with Blue and Green Bands
315lbs + 120-180 Pounds Bands X 2 – 4 Reps


3) Sets 6-9 Band the White Rhino and pump 225lbs + 60-80 pds bands for reps.

4) Set 10 Band the White Rhino with both bands creating a Max tension set with approx 400lbs for 2-4 reps.

The week will end with sore muscles and crazy pumps but the thing you will not feel is joint pain. The miracle of Bandbell combined with banded tension is a pump-insanity minus all the stress on the joints. You completed the banded hell week so now its recovery time. Eat that bloody beast by the pound and drink that nectar of the gods by the gallon while your muscles grow and get stronger.

Rock on and SKAL!