Jim Seitzer Appears on Westside Barbell Podcast #50

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BandBell®️ founder Jim Seitzer recently appeared on Westside Barbell Podcast #50.  Here’s the full episode description:

Jim has an Elite total of 1824.3 and is a former Mr. USA. He is an original founding member of Westside Barbell, training with Louie back in the Garage Days and through various inceptions of Westside. He is also the founder and inventor of BandBell, LLC (https://www.bandbell.com/), a company that specializes in O.K.E.™️ training equipment such as the Bamboo Bar®️ Earthquake Bar®️ and RhinoFlex®️ series of Kinetic Barbells. Topics covered include: – Meeting Louie Simmons – The Original Crew — Training In The 70’s – Jim’s Bodybuilding Career — The Importance Power-Bodybuilding Plays In The Making Of A Champion.

Watch the video in the link!
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