700 Pound Bandbell White Rhino Deadlifts

 In Back, Core, Legs

Bandbell Nation,

Some of you may be hesitant to put away your dead-lift bar and some of you are walking the line between fire and ice. Many of you have already joined Bandbell Nation and are lifting big the pain free way.

It is our mission to recruit as many lifters around world who want to train pain free and avoid having to endure decades of repetitive trauma to the joints. Imagine if you could have had this choice 10/20/30 years ago? How different life would be today minus the aches and pains associated with repetitive joint stress from linear movements with unforgiving standard iron bars. You know its true, your elbows , knees and back have been telling you! Listen up!

if your a seasoned lifter and you know the daily pains associated with joint pain then your gonna love loading this bar and realizing you can train hard and heavy again.

Heavy Ass dead-lifts on the White Rhino Bar is nothing short of a roller coaster ride ending with massive pumps and a deep appreciation for how much it takes to conquer this bar. Think of this bar as a tool to measure your overall strength on pulling exercises. At a minimum load it and give it a try and then email me to say thank you! JK!  I don’t want no spam email! But your Welcome!

The Fat un-knurled grip will test your grip strength and make your forearms cry. The crazy flexion at the start of the pull forces you to engage more muscles then your used to, so don’t be surprised at how sore you are on day two after this session. In fact,  your legs, arms and upper back will be screaming once you figure out how to properly engage all the needed muscles to move the weight. It does not matter if you use conventional or that wild sumo stance you will find out quick what your weak muscle groups are. Once you know you can grow!

Ok so are you ready to put away the ego and get pulling the pain free way ? if so here is a quick dead-lift session that you will truly enjoy.  5 Warm ups + 10 Work Sets and your out the door on your way to the grill where the flame is cooking that beast to fill your belly.

Enough jibber jabber – lets do it!

Warm-up/Pre exhaust
Chins or pull downs x 1? set 10-20 reps
Single leg curls x 25 reps x 2 sets
calf presses x 50 reps x 2 sets
Rope Crunches x 50 reps

Kinetic Loading Theory Sets 1-5
1) Banded Speed pulls 2 plates x 3 reps as fast as you can! Be like Ricky Bobby and go fast !
2) 3 Plates x 5 reps
3) 4 Plates x 5 reps
4) 5 Plates x 10-15 Reps
5) 5 Plates plus 50 pounds chains x 5 reps

Sets 6-10 5/1 reps ME

6) 6 Plates x 5 off 2-4″ blocks ( video )
7) 7 Plates x 1 ( video )
8) 7 Plates plus Chains ( 700)x 1 ( video)
9) 7 Plates plus 25/5 ( 700) x 1 ( Video)
10) 5 Plates x 5 paused 1 ” from floor.

you’ve finished, now do some light post workout stretch and then go feed the beast and go to bed so your body can grow, heal and wake up feeling like King Kong or maybe Godzilla , whatever your monster preference is. Remember this meat heads and meatheadettes you can train all you want but if you do not have plan, a vision or a goal then your just spinning your wheels. So stop spinning already and grab a Bandbell Rhino Bar or White Rhino Bar and start getting freaking monstrous.

No pain, get swole the bandbell way!

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