High and Low Kinetic Leg Day Challenge!

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Bandbell Warriors,

Are you ready for your High and Low Kinetic combined training?

If so, we have a fun (and somewhat insane) challenge for you!

I call this the <strong>Snake Pit Kinetic Challenge!</strong>

If you want to test your mental toughness, heart, lungs, back, legs, and core all in one session then this challenge is for you. This is not something to try if you’re not already fit, or actively training with moderate weights.

That being said if you’re fit, and strong, and feeling froggy then jump already!

This session is a “once every couple months” type of workout because the reps, and weight combination is highly taxing. It is recommended that you only proceed if your prepared to face the ferryman!

So if darkness and uncontrolled muscle spasms pump you up, then lets get this party started.


a) Leg Extensions x 2 sets 10 reps hold for pause at full contraction.
b) Single Leg Curls ( standing ) 2 sets x 10 reps
c) Heavy Band Stretch/Stomps. Do 15 per foot x 2 sets.
( wrap the band around one foot, and across same side shoulder).
Then pretend you’re stomping tiny little haters moving around the floor. Swing your leg around like the Capt Morgan stance, or walk around like Shrek!
** Note *********
This idea came from watching, and trying various types of banded rehab work by Iconic Power lifter and creator of the Bowtie and Fat Bells Donnie Thompson aka Super D @thompsonbowtie on IG.

<strong>GET ER DONE!</strong>

10 Sets Mixed Squats x 20 + ** reps per Super Set using the Bandbell White Rhino Flex Bar and the E-Maxx bar with red mini bands and 25 lb plates.

<strong>GOAL 200 reps, 10 Sets, reduce the time it takes to complete the sets and punish your partner</strong>.

Rest period is only as long as it takes your partner to finish the set. Add weights and adjust according to your level, but if you can complete this challenge as written you’re an ANIMAL! .

<strong>Sets 1-5</strong>

1) Low Box Squat 2 plates x 10 – Emaxx Front Squat with 110lbs x10
2) Low Box Squat 3 plates x 10 – Emaxx Front Squats with 160lbs x10
3) Low Box Squat 4 Plates x 8 – Emaxx Front Squats with 210lbs x 8/ back squat x 10 **
4) Low Box Squat 4 Plates x 5 – Emaxx Front Squats with 210lbs x5/back squats x 10
5) Low Box Squat 4 Plates x 5 – Emaxx Front Squats with 210lbs x 5/back squats x 10

<strong>Sets 6-10 Set # 8 is all four lifts in one series back and forth. UGHHH!</strong>

6) Low Box Squat 4 Plates x 5 – Emaxx Front Squats with 210lbs x 5/Back Squats x 10
7) Low Box Squat 4 Plates x 5 – Emaxx Front Squats with 210lbs x 5/Back Squats x 10 (Video)
8 ) Low Box Squat 4 Plates x 5 – Emaxx Front Squats with 260lbs x 5 ( Video )
8 ) Low Box Squat 4 Plates x 5 – Emaxx Back Squats with 260lbs x 5 ( Video)
9) Low Box Squat 4 Plates x 5 – Emaxx Front Squats with 310lbs x5 /Back Squats 10
10) Low Box Squat 4 Plates x 10 – Emaxx Back Squats with 360 x 10.

If you finished this, and are still enjoying your physical body, then you’re a FREAK who deserves to be fed copious amounts of meat and beer til your giant legs explode. Please make sure you record, and show us so we can raise your hand in victory like a true warrior.

To truly enjoy this challenge, partner up or challenge someone who thinks they are a bad ass lifter. Better yet, challenge that person “ you know who they are” who brags about how hard they work in the gym. Put up or Shut up time !

Complete each set in less time than your partner. That is where the ass kicking comes from. <strong>No</strong> long rest periods, and no chit chat. Just pure unadulterated pain and heavy breathing.

So give this a go and beat our time/weights, or go the distance and knock the whole challenge out of the park. Seriously, someone should smash this, I am and old broken guy and the kid eats donuts for lunch. Our best time was just under a minute and our worst was 2 minutes on set# 8. Notice how young Nate went from skipping between sets to “I’m Done” So fast. Snake done bit em!

Rock on and Skal Fellow Meatheads.

Rock on Bandbell Warriors at Bandbell Nation.

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