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Recently, we caught up with the great Dave Hoff doing a Rehab & Prehab workout for shoulders using the Earthquake Bar at Westside Barbell. Notice how he places the Bar high on his chest and does each rep slowly and deliberately. He says this technique works best to keep the stabilizers strong and flexible, and does 4 or 5 sets just about every week. When using heavier weights to Power-Train with the Bar, he benches from his normal position low on the chest, but kicks up a lot more speed during each rep. Dave credits the Oscillating Kinetic Energy (OKE) the Bar generates as one of the reasons he’s able to handle the punishing workouts at Westside.

Athlete: Dave Hoff

Task: Shoulder Rehab & Prehab

Exercise: Bench Press Prehab w/ the  EarthQuake Bar

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