Earthquake Bar


The all-purpose kinetic juggernaut.


The all-purpose kinetic juggernaut that allows you to quickly add bands and start training. The first-choice for high school, college and pro-sports team. The go-to choice for gyms, training facilities and exercise programs everywhere.

  • Length: 80″
  • Weight: 6.3-lbs.
  • Bar Diameter: 1-1/2″
  • Loading Sleeve: 3″

The patented Earthquake bar is made of extremely durable composite resins and each end is topped off with solid ash loading sleeves to give it a maximum weight capacity of 300-lbs. Easy to load, it’s perfect for single band rehab setups all the way up to complex kinetic variations using multiple bands with kettlebells, weights, chains and the new BandBell® Anchor Loaders™ and Strap-n-Hooks™. With an endless variations to choose from, nervous system accommodation is a thing of the past.

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