Shorty Bar


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The BandBell Shorty Bar™. It’s the ultimate  kinetic dumbbell – with a rotating handle!

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The most iconic lift in the world of Strongman training and competition just got a much needed boost! The One-Arm Dumbbell Press, a favorite among great strongmen of the past like Doug Hepburn and Paul Anderson, worked the shoulders, triceps and upper-back, not to mention muscles of the sides, mid-section and lower back. Training this wobbly beast was limited to doing just the lift itself without providing any help to the stabilizing muscles needed to control the pressing movement.

Enter the BandBell Shorty Bar™. Protected by US Patent No. 8,506,460. This little kinetic dynamo provides the Oscillating Kinetic Energy (OKE) needed to activate and power up the stabilizers so the primary movers can launch with confidence! Add to that its unique Rotating Handle, allowing extra control and leverage, and you’ve got a dynamic dumbbell new to the world of Strongman and strength training.

The Shorty Bar™ also works well for athletes looking to safely improve stability and balance from total core to shoulders. It’s a great tag team partner as it works hand-in-hand with any of the BandBell Bars!