E-Maxx Bar


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The NEW more powerful all-purpose kinetic juggernaut.

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Designed around the principle of Oscillating Kinetic Energy (OKE), the handmade E-Maxx Bar (a.k.a. “The SuperQuake”) has the same lightweight, wood/composite resin construction as BandBell’s popular Bamboo Bar™ and Earthquake Bar barbells. The difference is a greater overall length (86.5″ vs 80″) for more band loading capacity, which allows for heavier lifts and maximum kinetic energy.

Protected by US Patent No. 8,506,460, the E-Maxx bar can be configured to hold a variety of kinetic setups including bands, kettlebells, weights, chains and the new BandBell® Anchor Loaders™ with Strap-n-Hooks™. Two-inch grooves cut into the wood are designed to channel and grip the bands even as the bar bends radically under super-heavy weight. High-tech polymer bumpers have been added to each end of the bar to protect it when racking and to provide better control.

Use the SuperQuake for heavy squats, bench press, deadlifts, etc. It’s made to handle the big stuff. This design works perfect for high-performance strength athletes, powerlifters, bodybuilders and general workout programs. No matter how it’s used, this bar develops and reinforces proper form and technique.