Just Released! The RhinoFlex HD Bar and White RhinoFlex Bar


Introducing the NEW

The End of Shoulder Pain

Price: $329 

“This bar is a total game changer!!…calls on nothing but muscle…so much easier on the joint!”

–Jacquelyn Trejo, Figure competitor   @jacquelyn_trejo



All exercise equipment is either ‘linear’ or ‘dynamic’

Machines in general, like the leg and shoulder press, lat pulldown and most weight stack varieties are examples of linear exercise tools. They follow the same path throughout the course of the movement and lack the ability to ‘adapt’ to the athlete during the exercise.

Steel barbells are the same as they only allow the displacement of weight in a linear direction with no ability to adapt to speed, movement or direction.

Rhino Flex Bar

The RhinoFlex™ is a dynamic lifting Bar! It flexes and bends allowing for maximum joint efficiency through stabilization. This makes for a pure and concentrated muscular contraction with little or no stress on the joints.

Research shows the more adaptable the exercise program, the stronger you get with less chance of injury. The RhinoFlex™ hands you strength and safety on a silver platter!

Price: $329*
Shipping: $25 flat rate! FREE!

*Collars NOT included
Patent Pending

Need More?

We have the RhinoFlex HD Bar ready to go!

The RhinoFlex™-HD bar cranks up the intensity for powerlifters, bodybuilders and strength athletes. Able to handle up to 600-lbs. in the Squat, Bench Press or Deadlift, the HD bar still has the BandBell flex that’s easy on joints, yet strictly business during the lift. Heavy duty construction and carbon fiber knurling keeps the bar on your back or in your hands. Tough composite loading sleeves and rack bumpers protect the bar for years of service.

Introductory price: $359*
Shipping: $25 flat rate! FREE!

*Collars NOT included
Patent Pending

Need more than everyone else?
We have the White RhinoFlex Bar!

The White RhinoFlex™ Rare and elusive, the WhiteRhino bar is designed for 1000-lb. lifts…and beyond! Yet, surprisingly the bar flexes and functions well starting at 400-lbs.to initiate total joint comfort. This bar represents the very pinnacle of RhinoFlex technology! With the addition of 15-inch loading sleeves, there’s extra room to load this Rhino to the max! Center carbon fiber knurling makes sure it stays on your back during the heavy lifts. Tough composite loading sleeves and rack bumpers protect the bar for years of service. So, for the ultimate in RhinoFlex range and performance, the WhiteRhino™ will get you from 400-to-1000 fast!

Introductory price: $429*
Shipping: $25 flat rate! FREE!

*Collars NOT included
Patent Pending

The only bar you'll ever need

“Best thing that ever happened to me…no shoulder pain whatsoever…I highly recommend it!”

–Branch Warren,
World famous bodybuilder

“People [my clients] absolutely love this bar!”

–Shane Sweatt,
CrossFit coach

“I just don’t use steel anymore.”

–Marcus Perry,
3X Overall NPC Bodybuilder

“Got the bar. Love it!”

–Donnie Thompson,
World Powerlifting Champion
owner Thompson Barbell

It’s new, it’s short – the Shorty Bar!

The most iconic lift in the world of Strongman training and competition just got a much needed boost!
The One-Arm Dumbell Press, a favorite among great strongmen of the past like Doug Hepburn and Paul Anderson, is a full-body workout involving shoulders, triceps, upper-back, hips and core stabilizers. Training this challenging movement was limited to doing just the lift itself, providing no help for the stabilizing muscles needed to control the press.

Enter the BandBell Shorty Bar!

The One-Arm Shorty Bar Press is a massive stabilizing effort that recruits stabilizers from all major muscle groups. The advantage is amazing!

E-Maxx Bar

Part of the Earthquake Series – this bar is even more powerful!
Greater overall length (86.5″ vs 80″) for more band loading capacity
allows for heavier lifts and maximum kinetic energy.
Maximum weight limit: 400-lbs.

The Breakdown Bar

The first portable weightlifting Bar in history!
A complete kinetic training system for on-the-go athletes.
Personal Trainers, Professional Athletes and Military Personnel deployed
around the world – this Bar is FOR YOU!

Earthquake Bar

The original Bamboo Bar re-designed for an all purpose approach!
This bar offers total versatility. Rehab, Strength, Function, Recovery.

The Original Bamboo Bar

The iconic Bar that started it all!
Rehab, Safety, Balance and Power

Strongmaxx Bar

For the sport of Strongman training and competition, we created a monster!
This behemoth, aka the Pulverizer, finally gives the sport its first truly
kinetic event. Made to challenge the biggest and the best.
Weight capacity? Unlimited!

The RhinoFlex™ works like a steel barbell, only better—

there’s no stress or pain on the joints. But how, what’s happening? With every repetition, the Rhino flexes slightly and ‘adapts’ to the form, speed and position of the athlete. This flexion, in turn, activates the stabilizing muscles of the shoulders, hips, knees, etc. to initiate a more perfect mechanically functional joint. It’s that simple. The RhinoFlex™ activates the joints so they work, mechanically, at their optimal performance level. And, the more stable the joint, the better the range of motion (ROM) and force output by the body.

What Is a BandBell Bar?
The Miracle of Oscillating Kinetic Energy!

Learn how BandBell helps you achieve your goals.

What Can OKE Do for You?

  • Oscillation

    Perfect balance achieved through activation of all muscle groups

  • The Nervous System

    OKE from the BandBell Bar increases - Bio Motor Control – Neuromuscular Innervation – Reflexes

  • Maximize Recovery

    OKE increases blood flow to muscles and joints to maximize healing & growth – perfect for rehab/prehab/physical therapy

Our Goal

Our Sole Purpose…is Now Multi-Functional!

At BandBell™ we’re still all about rehab for injured shoulders, but the Bars have so many talents, we had to expand our
mission statement to include Functional Training, CrossFit, Strength and Bodybuilding. As the list grows, so does our dedication to bringing  you the newest and best ideas.

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