What Is a BandBell Bar?
The Miracle of Oscillating Kinetic Energy!

Learn how BandBell Bars can help you achieve your goals.

What Does Kinetic Energy Do?

  • Oscilation

    Triggering the stabilizer muscles to activate along with the larger muscle bodies.

  • The Nervous System

    The energy produced by the BandBell Bars confuses the mind with additional stress that makes the nervous system fire rapidly to try to gain control.

  • Better Recovery

    Because of the oscillating energy given off the bar, a lighter weight can be used along with shorter range of movement for physical therapy

What others say about us …

  • After a very serious injury to my right arm involving nerve and tendon damage, I had very little wrist and forearm strength. This lack of strength made it impossible for me to really work my chest and shoulders with much weight because my wrist would give out before I could really work the target muscle. The Bandbell Bar allowed me to stimulate the muscle fibers in my chest and shoulders while using much less weight than a traditional barbell.

    Mike Dimond
    Mike DimondNutrition X
  • I could tell a noticeable reduction in the pain, and after three weeks, I didn't need pain medicine anymore! There's something special about this equipment that helped my recovery, and I've seen it help several other athletes recover as well. I'm now a firm believer!"

    Dan Goss
    Dan Goss
  • Sold out of the three Bandbell Bars you dropped off last week. The last one actually went to a kid who was at the University of Texas weightlifting camp and saw Colt McCoy, (Cleveland Browns quarterback) and Jordan Shipley, (Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver) using the bar. Thought that was cool. Anyway, if you can drop off a couple more Bars, that would be great. Thanks!

    Justin Cheatham
    Justin CheathamBerry's Barbell & Fitness
  • The results were phenomenal! I have put an amazing 50 lbs. on my bench press in less than a year. All the shoulder pain I used to have when we went heavy on our max effort days are gone. My joints feel better, and at the age of 44, I am stronger than I have ever been.

    Jay Marzano
    Jay Marzano
  • My rotator cuff was hurting for years before I found the Bandbell Bar. The main cause of most rotator problems is the fact that the primary muscles (chest, anterior and medial delt) do all the pushing. The stabilizer muscles of the deltoid are never worked. They become weak and can't support a heavy bench. They must be worked as much or more than the primary muscles in order to be a factor in lifting heavier weight.

    Don Rea
    Don Rea

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