RhinoFlex Bar


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The RhinoFlex® is made of composite materials including carbon fiber, ceramics, fiberglass and poly-rubber compounds.

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The RhinoFlex® works like a steel barbell, only better because there’s no stress or pain in the joints.

With every repetition, the Rhino flexes slightly and activates the stabilizing muscles of the shoulders, hips and knees to initiate a more perfect mechanical functioning joint.

The Bar works with all standard Olympic plates and takes standard lockjaw or spring clip collars. It has a 400-lb. weight capacity.

  • Length: 82″
  • Bar Diameter: 1-1/2″
  • Loading Sleeve: 14-1/2″
  • Weight: 9-lbs.
  • US Patent No. 10,967,216
The RhinoFlex Loading Sleeve fits all Standard barbell plates and measures 1.978″ or 50.24 mm in diameter. NOT suited for smaller diameter Calibrated plates that measure 1.960″ or 49.78 mm.